Nate Likes (Most) Video Games

Thursday, October 29, 2009

X-Men for Sega Genesis

Holy shit I don't remember this game being this hard. I know back in the day I played this and Spiderman Seperation Anxiety all the time, and I believe I was pretty decent at both. But damn how things have changed. My roommate and I are completely sucking it up, and we struggled to even make it to the second level, which we didn't even beat. This game isn't very accurate for an X-men title though. For one, why the fuck doesn't Wolverine have regenerating health? This has been one of the biggest reasons fans like him. It allows him to go into battle and rip shit up and keep going, yet most games refuse to awknowledge this. Second, Cyclops isn't nearly as douchey as he is in the movies and the cartoon. And lastly, I really don't remember ever seeing this many whistling bugs in the movies or cartoons. Seriously, the levels are filled with these damn dragonfly things that fly straight at you and take out a huge chunk of your non-regenerating health. How can a person beat this game at the age of 13 and now be so terrible?